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Sep 26 2006

Another Day

I think I have finally reached my breaking point. I can officially say that I am angry, my students are angry, and life sucks in room 206.

Behavior is OUT OF CONTROL. Nothing runs smoothly, Kelvin acts a fool, Justin is too damn needy, Terry is just fucking annoying as he is constantly dragging his ass up to me to ask me some irrelevant question (which by the way he shouldn’t be out his seat (rule #3), Derek acts a bitch as he whines about going to the bathroom like I give a damn roaming about the room, Nicholas never has ANYTHING going right in his life because he is always complaining about something, Daron gets off task way too easily, Marrio is a fucking smart aleck, Tyler pisses me off with that mouth that is constantly trying to talk back, Bersha has an ugly attitude, as if it is foreign that I ask her to shut her mouth, Alexis is on some other tip half the time, Marq is too easily distracted, Jasmine won’t open her mouth (but that is probably because she’s pissed at her class), Mya is pathological lier who would tell her mother anything to get out of admitting that she is NOT doing half her homework, Shanice is a sneeky little something who can’t follow directions to save her life, Imani needs to check herself, Serena needs to calm the hell down, Lalark REALLY needs some ritalin (that boy couldn’t focus if you put a brace on his head and locked it in place), Darius needs to slow his roll because he seems to think I’m his friend, and the only people who manage to stay on my good side are Alease, Tedrah, and Kiara.

But in the end I realize that ALL of this is my fault. I’m not saying that I can force them to behave in a certain way but I have done a horrid job of giving them the incentive to perform otherwise. So, tomorrow is a new day and I think its time to step my game up.

New rules, new attitude, and new culture.

I CANNOT have anymore days like today. We are loosing too much learning time and that is unacceptable.

So…Until Tomorrow…And I leave you with my current personal anthem:

“It’s been a long, a long time coming, but I know a change goin’ come.”

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